Why You Shouldn’t Be Eating Popcorn with Braces | Kenilworth Dentist

It’s a staple to every movie night. During the holidays, they’re shaped into a ball with things like caramel or marshmallow. It’s delicious and somewhat healthy, depending on the way you consume it. Yes, I’m talking about popcorn. Those tiny kernels of goodness are a favorite during the autumn season, but there is a sector of human that can’t enjoy this fluffy treat – people with braces.

Yes, for our patients receiving orthodontic care, there is a list of foods that aren’t going to be best during this time. But there is a reason popcorn isn’t good for our patients with braces – the corn hull. Popped corn hulls are the leftover parts of corn seeds, which get hard and stay in popcorn kernels after the popcorn is popped. These hulls can easily become trapped in between your braces and your teeth, and very difficult to remove.

Hard or crunchy foods are off limits during this time has a double component you need to watch out for. Damaging your braces is easy when the foods you eat are hard. Not only can you bend the wires, but you can snap off the brackets, which means an additional trip to the orthodontist. And when food gets stuck in between your braces, it can cause tooth decay and cavities. Dental hygiene is imperative with braces.

The good news is that there are lots of delicious snacks you can enjoy while your teeth get straightened out. And they are arguably much more fun to eat:

  • soft baked cookies, muffins, and baked goods
  • baked (not fried) potato chips
  • soft crackers
  • cheese slices
  • baked kale or carrot chips
  • veggie sticks
  • yogurt
  • strawberry, pear, banana, or other soft fruit slices
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • soft pretzels
  • soft chocolate

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